Food Security

Below is a compendium of academic resources on global hunger.

CRS in the Field

CRS Food Security Page

This website provides information and resources about CRS programs surrounding food security.

Journey Against Hunger video

This video takes students on a journey with three communities in Niger who are involved in long-term action to ensure food security. It is a great introduction to what food security is all about. View the video online.

Ken Hackett On the Global Food Crisis

A video interview with Ken Hackett, Catholic Relief Services President, on Feast to Famine, a Bloomberg Television report on the global food crisis. Mr. Hackett talks about the impact of the global food crisis on poor, focusing on his recent trip to Haiti. He also discusses immediate and long-term actions CRS is taking to address the crisis.

CRS Agriculture Symposium

This webpage offers presensations delivered at the CRS Agriculature Symposium. The event gathered nearly 50 humanitarian agencies to discuss topics such as nutrition, multiple uses of water, and mobile technology in agriculture enterprise.

CRS Food Experts Warn of Impeding ‘Cascade of Hunger

Catholic Relief Services team of food experts report on the rising cost of food, its effects on the worlds food supply for the poor and possible solutions to the crisis.

From Food Assistance to Food Production

This article presents the story of Halefom Kiros of Ethiopia who through a CRS-supported project was able to secure a sustainable food supply for his family.

Understanding West Africas Rising Food Prices

Lane Hartill, Catholic Relief Services regional information officer in West Africa, explains some of the complex reasons for the rise in food prices in the region.

CRS Expectations About the Global Food Crisis to the House Agricultural Committee.


Food Security Assessment

The Economic Research Service of USDA has an annual publication assessing food security around the world. The publication, Food Security Assessment, 2007 estimates that there are now almost $1 billion people suffering from chronic hunger around the world.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

This website features current information on the worlds agriculture and hunger issues.

Food Security in the United States: Measuring Household Food Security

The Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture provides resources and information about U.S. food security including household survey tools.

World Hunger Year

This social justice organization seeks to create community-based initiatives to end hunger and poverty. The website offers action alerts, advocacy materials, resource guides and a food security learning center.

UN Millennium Goals 1st Goal

This Website contains information regarding how specific countries are doing in reaching the 2015 target goals for each of the Millennium Development Goals.

Journal Articles

Fleming, Julia. When ‘Meats are Like Medicines: Vitoria and Lessius on the Role of Food in the Duty to Preserve Life. Theological Studies 69, no. 1 (March 2008): 99-115.

This article explores issues in nutritional ethics and the obligation to preserve ones life through food using the works of Francisco de Vitoria and Leonardus Lessius.

The Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition

The Lancet is one of the most respected medical journals around today, so when they devoted a series of articles on global hunger earlier this year, the development and humanitarian assistance communities stood up and took notice. The findings of these articles are currently being raised in policy discussions throughout the hunger community.

Center for Strategic and International Studies:
CSIS Global Food Crisis Report.

InterAction: Global Food Crisis Policy Statement.

U.S. Government Accountability Office: Food Insecurity Persists in Sub-Saharan Africa despite Efforts to Halve Hunger by 2015

Catholic Popular Media

In Africa, small (farming) can be beautiful. National Catholic Reporter 44, no. 19 (May 16, 2008).

This article examines the effects of small-scale farming on the economy of South Africa and the possibility of increasing food security through investment.


Kent, George. Freedom from Want: The Human Right To Adequate Food. Washington D.C., Georgetown University Press, 2005.

This book approaches global hunger as a human rights issue and suggests the answers lie in providing people resources and opportunities to create sustainable food sources.

McLaughlin, Martin M. and Jim Conger. World Food Security: A Catholic View of Food Policy in the New Millennium. Washington, D.C: Center of Concern, 2002.

This book examines the agricultural industry, the control of food supply and production, and suggestions for food policy and business practices to improve conditions amongst the worlds poor.

Patel, Raj. Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System. Brooklyn, NY: Melville House, 2008.

This book presents the paradox of a world face with obesity and starvation and suggestion for creating a more balanced system.

Shaw, D. John. World Food Security: A History since 1945. Palgrave Macmillian, 2007.

This book offers a comprehensive account of attempts made to ensure worldwide food security.

The World Band, World Development Report, 2008:  Agriculture for Development, 2007.

This report calls for greater investment in agriculture in developing countries.

Catholic Social Teaching and Thought

National Conference of Catholic Bishops. A Place at the Table: A Recommitment to Overcome Poverty and to Respect the Dignity of All Gods Children. Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 2002.

The US Bishops pastoral letter calling Catholics to act on behalf of the vulnerable imploring the metaphor of a table to illustrate the importance of each constituents contribution.

Pope Benedict XVI. Sacrament of Charity, Sacramento de La Caridad: Sacramentum Caritatis. 2007.

Pope Benedict XVIs encyclical on the Eucharist includes calls to action against injustice, systems of oppression and world hunger.

Pope John Paul II. Food Security Results from Ethic of Solidarity. November 13, 1996. Address to World Food Summit.

Pope John Paul IIs address to 194 country representatives concerning the reality of much of the worlds unstable food supply.