Campus Activities

On our little planet, were all in it together. The down side is many of our brothers and sisters in the developing world still struggle for the basics of life, like food, fair wages and education. The up side is we can make a real difference by working together. We can learn about the issues and take action. As a universal Church, it is what were called to do. There are a variety of ways to get involved with CRS on your campus. Heres how…

Get Involved on Campus

Learn about an issue, take action and touch the world.

Political Advocacy
With a click, you can bring lasting change. CRS makes it easy to email your congressional representatives on critical global issues.  Inside youll also find useful reflection materials on faith & politics.

Fair Trade
Getting your campus to go Fair Trade is one of the most direct ways to serve those in need.  Find out more and make a difference today!

The World on Campus Reflection Guide
From RENEW International and CRS, this 6 part reflection guide encourages small faith-sharing groups to explore pressing issues of our day through the lenses of prayer, scripture and Catholic social teaching.

If we are one body, we are all affected by HIV. Learn more about the impact of the pandemic, the hopeful work being done in response and the opportunities for us all to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of AIDS.

With rising food and fuel prices, the resource poor are in greater need than ever.  From Operation Rice Bowl to Food Fast, CRS offers a variety of activities to bring the reality of food insecurity to your community.

What are the push and pull factors of migration?  What is life like on the border? What does the Catholic Church say on this topic?  Enrich your understanding with the resources inside, and invite your community to do the same.

CRS Campus Associates
If you go to school in the western part of the United States, here is a exciting way to bring CRS to your campus.

Going Overseas

Directly interacting with our brothers and sisters in need can be a life changing experience for all involved. These resources will assist you if you are coordinating a short-term immersion trip, or if you would like to learn more about working overseas.

Service Trip Resources
Trip descriptions, participant applications, reflection tools and more, offered by top Catholic colleges and universities including University of Notre Dame, Cabrini College, Villanova University, Boston College, Seattle University and Santa Clara University.

Careers with CRS
Are you interested in a career in international development?  It takes a lot of work to get there, but few jobs can ever be as rewarding.  Here are three tips on how to make it happen: 1. Learn a second language (e.g. Spanish, French, Portuguese or Arabic); 2. Get a year or more experience working overseas, perhaps through a Volunteer program (hint: volunteering overseas can help with step 1); and 3. Go for your Masters in International Development or a related field.  Good luck!

Volunteering Overseas
If you want to work directly with communities overseas, heres a listing of international volunteer programs and resources.