Faith and Politics

Political advocacy may seem intimidating, but with CRS its actually super easy. All you need is a few moments of time, and a desire to serve our brothers and sisters in need around the world.

CRS and USCCBs Catholics Confront Global Poverty
Be One in a Million. Join Catholics Confront Global Poverty and pray, learn, share, and advocate on issues such as migration, natural resources extraction, international assistance, climate change, debt relief, agricultural trade, and peacebuilding. 

The CRS Action Center
CRS Action Center lets you know about the pressing global issues going through Congress, and how you can make your voice heard.  Imagine bringing real change to someones life simply through the click of an email!

Faithful Citizenship
During each political season, be sure to visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web resource called Faithful Citizenship.  This robust site offers tools for forming ones conscience, working with young adult groups, plus a variety of interactive features.

The CRS Power Walk
Discover the disparities in who makes decisions with this great social justice retreat activity. Youll get your group moving around, and learning at the same time.

Watching the News and Catholic Social Teaching
Theres a lot of news on TV.  This small group reflection tool helps us view world events through a lens that serves the common good.

Arguments on Politics and Conflict Resolutions Skills
Either with friends, family or strangers on the street, tensions are bound to rise when we talk about politics.  Instead of avoiding conversations on critical issues, you and your community can use this small group reflection tool to help navigate those tough discussions.

U.S. in the World: Talking Global Issues with Americans
Heres a fascinating resource developed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  This guide pulls together facts and arguments and the most effective ways to put them across for advocates of pragmatic, principled, effective and collaborative U.S. global engagement.

Prayer Service for World Citizens
As one human family, we are called to be World Citizens caring for those in greatest need. Here are three versions of the same resource, each one shaped slightly different to meet your communitys specific needs.

  • Prayer Service for World Citizens (15 min. version) and CRS Card
  • Prayer Service for World Citizens (30 min. version)and CRS Card
  • Prayer Service for World Citizens (1 hr. version) and CRS Card

All believers are called to faithful citizenship, to become informed, active and responsible participants in the political process. ~Faithful Citizenship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Campaigns on International Issues

The Justice for Immigrants Campaign: a Journey of Hope
Put a human face on immigration issues and advocate for reform.

The Justice for Immigrants Campaign works to educate the public about Church teaching on migration and immigrants; to create political will for positive immigration reform; to enact legislative an administrative reforms based on the principles articulated by the bishops; and to organize Catholic networks to assist qualified immigrants obtain the benefits of the reforms.

The Peace in the Holy Land Campaign
Support this interreligious campaign to bring peace to the Middle East.

This initiative engages Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders and communities in a coordinated effort to promote a just peace in the Middle East. The Catholic Campaign builds upon and complements the ongoing efforts of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The goal is to create a shared commitment to the broad outlines of a just resolution of the conflict and to raise a united voice with policy makers and the wider public.

Learn about other world news events:

  • Catholic News Service
  • National Public Radio
  • BBC World News

Our nation faces political challenges that demand urgent moral choices. ~United States Conference of Catholic Bishops