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HIV AIDS Respond with Hope

As one human family, we are all affected by HIV and AIDS.  Together we can raise awareness of the pandemic as well as help to reduce the crippling stigma often associated with the disease. Unfortunately, young people aged 15-24 now account for 45% of all new HIV infections. Plus, AIDS related causes continue to take a life approximately every 15 seconds. Through our prayers, learning, advocacy and giving, we can make a difference in someones life.

Respond to HIV with Prayer

World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil
Share stories about people directly affected by the pandemic through this powerful prayer experience.

The Picture of Compassion: A CRS Prayer Services
Join this prayerful call for just and compassionate responses to the global HIV pandemic.

Respond in Conversation

From Renew International and CRS, The World on Campus is a reflection tool for small faith sharing groups that opens up a discussion of global HIV through the lenses of scripture, prayer and Catholic social teaching.

Respond to HIV by Learning

Faith, Hope and Treatment: Global HIV and AIDS and the Catholic Church
What makes the Catholic church uniquely suited to respond to what many consider the public health challenge of our time? University educators are encouraged to use this CRS online video series as a discussion starter for their classroom.

CRS World AIDS Day Website
Each year CRS offers a new host of resources for its World AIDS Day website.

CRS HIV Programs
Learn about the various HIV and AIDS programs CRS supports accross the globe.

CRS HIV Policy
Learn about CRS policy and advocacy efforts related to HIV and AIDS, and how you can influence our governments response to global HIV.

Hope and Dignity Materials
This resource includes the state of the pandemic and descriptions of HIV programs. Download the Hope and Dignity booklet. Download the Hope and Dignity reference map.

Respond to HIV with Advocacy

CRS Advocacy Action Center
Visit CRS Legislative Network for updates on legislation dealing with Global HIV and AIDS.

Respond to HIV by Giving

Donate to CRS HIV Programs Overseas
By raising money for CRS HIV programs, we can directly connect with the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, living with HIV.