Service Trips

Catholic Relief Services works closely with many of the finest universities in the United States. This page offers you some of their best resources on faith-based service/immersion trips for college students. Whether your program is established or just beginning, youll find loads of great ideas.

General Overview

  • Short-Term Mission Background Report; CRS
  • Immersion Trip Overview; Cabrini College
  • Global Outreach Program; Fordham
  • Immersion Trip Flyer: Seattle University
  • Site Placements; Notre Dame
  • Study Abroad and Global Solidarity; College of St. Benedict & St. Johns University
  • Trip Descriptions; Santa Clara
  • Immersion Leader Handbook; Univ of Portland
  • Service Break Experience; Villanova

Here are some additional links for designing overseas academic experiences:

  • International Partnership for Service Learning
  • University of Michigan Community Service-Learning

Reflection Tools

Traveling to Latin America? Use THE LINE IN THE SAND: Stories from the U.S./Mexico Border as a vehicle to discuss immigration issues.

  • Friday Night Reflection; Boston College
  • Saturday Night Reflection; Boston College
  • Post Retreat Reflection; Boston College
  • Healing of a Blind Man; Boston College
  • Personal Reflections; Boston College
  • Selections from Gustavo Gutierrez; Boston College
  • A Testament; Boston College
  • Suggested Reading List; Santa Clara
  • What to Look For; Santa Clara
  • Formation on Fundraising; Univ of Portland

Nuts and Bolts

  • Parent Memo; Fordham
  • Parent Letter; Fordham
  • Financial Ledger; Fordham
  • Belize Trip Finance; Fordham
  • Global Outreach Application; Fordham
  • Global Outreach Contract; Fordham
  • Student Application; Notre Dame
  • Learning Agreement; Notre Dame
  • Site Evaluation; Notre Dame
  • Student Evaluation; Notre Dame
  • Foreign Travel Policy and Protocol; Santa Clara
  • Trip Schedule; Santa Clara
  • Safety Information; Santa Clara
  • Partner List; Santa Clara
  • Application Form: Seattle U
  • Trip Interview Questions: Seattle University
  • Criteria for Assessing Trip Applicants: Seattle University
  • Standard Application; Univ of Portland

Thanks to the following schools for sharing their resources!

  • Boston College
  • Cabrini College
  • Fordham University
  • St. Benedict / St. Johns
  • Santa Clara University
  • Seattle University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Portland
  • Villanova University

Do you have a service trip resource you would be willing to share? Email today to contribute to this page. Thanks!