Scholars in Global Solidarity

Scholars in Global Solidarity (SGS) is a new CRS program being piloted with three universities designed to generate academic resource exchange between CRS and Catholic higher education to advance the scholarship of global solidarity to benefit the poor and marginalized overseas. The goal is to engage academics in two ways that advance the complementary missions of CRS and Catholic colleges and universities:

  • Development of global solidarity-centered curricula designed to educate students as informed, compassionate and actively engaged citizens of the world;
  • Recruitment of departments, programs, centers or institutes in selected fields to respond to CRS needs for research that will strengthen vulnerable communities overseas with whom it works.

In the current pilot stage of SGS, CRS is working with St. John’s University/ NY, University of Dayton and University of San Francisco to implement the above goals on their own campuses, and to design a replicable, annual program that may be offered to other Catholic institutions on an application basis in 2014.

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