Sudan: What did the University of Notre Dame do?

What if you had been given the chance to prevent the genocide in Rwanda?

What would you have done?

What if you had the chance to bring peace to Sudan?

What would you do?

Sudan is at a life or death crossroads and the fate of its people hangs in the balance. In early January, 2011 the people of southern Sudan will vote on a referendum that will determine if the country of Sudan should be divided into two separate countries…north Sudan and south Sudan.

Visit our new Peace in Sudan website!

Learn about what other campuses are doing to be voice for peace for Sudan:

University of Notre Dame

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Check out the brand new Haiti Resource Website.

Learn more of how higher education and CRS are working together to make a difference in Haiti.

Important ways you can help

  • Tell CRS what youre doing at your school.
  • View this video of a CRS staffer describing surviving the earthquake.
  • Read this Special Report on the Churchs response.
  • Use this discussion guide to compare life in Haiti to life in the U.S.
  • Add a CRS link to your school or campus ministry website.
  • Visit CRS on Facebook for up to date information.
  • Hold a prayer service for Haiti.
  • Donate by calling (800)736-3467.


For Faculty

In an effort to support your incorporation of global issues into your syllabi, CRS offers a robust listing of articles, books and Catholic Social Thought related to issues of international poverty and development. These resources will work well both for classroom use, and potentially for your own research.

For Campus Ministers, Social Justice Staff, and Students

Together we are making a critical difference in the world. Because of our joint efforts, congressional legislation is reflecting global needs, individuals are receiving the care and support deserving of their human dignity, and campus communities are being transformed. Lets passionately continue our work!

I am attached to the university environment, which was my own world for many years, by love for the search for the truth, by compassion, by the frank and respectful dialogue between reciprocal positions. – Pope Benedict XVI